Flatbed Dispatch Services

The trucking business is very big, and flatbed trucking is a small part of it. Every haul needs careful planning, exact coordination, and an understanding of the unique problems that come with moving loads that are too big or too small. Join 99Freight Truck Dispatch Services, where every dispatch is more than just a job; it’s a commitment to maximizing your flatbed truck's potential. As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to providing top-notch dispatch services that elevate your success.

Why Choose 99Freight for Flatbed Dispatch Service?

When you choose 99Freight, you're not just getting a job; you're also improving every part of your flatbed trucking business. Our team is committed to the highest standards of flatbed dispatch and makes sure that all the logistics are taken care of perfectly, from planning the route to negotiating with the broker.

99Freight is your reliable partner on this trip, whether you want to get more clients, get help with complicated paperwork, or see your business grow over time.

  • Specialized Dispatch for Flatbeds: Your flatbed isn't like any other truck, and neither are our dispatch services. We tailor every dispatch to the unique needs of flatbed haulage, ensuring that each job matches your capabilities and equipment.

  • Optimal Investment Returns: Because we know a lot about the industry, we can send you high-paying jobs. This way, every mile you drive and load you haul brings you closer to the best returns on your investment.

  • Continuous and Reliable Income: If you work with 99Freight, you'll always have work that fits your flatbed's capabilities. This gives your business the strong base it needs for long-term success and makes sure you can count on steady income.

  • Excellent Matching of Clients: Our large network gives you access to clients who are especially looking for and value flatbed services. These aren't just jobs; they are collaborations with clients who understand and appreciate every aspect of what you offer.

  • Operational Streamlining: We take care of all the back-end details from the time you take on a job until it's done. Your only attention is still on perfect driving and providing the best service possible.

  • Transparent Pricing - Only 5% Per Load: Many dispatch services have confusing prices and hidden fees. At 99Freight, we're proud to be open and honest. Our low rate of 5% per load guarantees that you will get top-notch service without any hidden fees.

Flatbed Dispatch Services - 99freight.com
Flatbed Dispatch Services - 99freight.com

Experience the Power of 99Freight Truck Dispatch Services

When you choose 99Freight Dispatch Services, you can count on getting fast, reliable services that are made to fit your specific needs. Our team of professionals will help you find profitable loads, negotiate with customers, handle bills and paperwork, and more. We're proud of how open, dependable, and personalized our approach is. We care a lot about your success, and we're always ready to meet your needs and improve our services to help you even more.

Don't wait any longer! Contact 99Freight today via phone or email to request a quote for our exceptional flatbed dispatch services. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on driving efficiency and providing outstanding service to your valued clients. Together, we'll take your flatbed truck operations to new heights of success.