Brake and Hours-of-Service Factors Leading to Roadcheck Out-of-Service Violations

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Brake and Hours-of-Service Factors Leading to Roadcheck Out-of-Service Violations

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts its roadside inspection blitz every year, and without fail, it unearths a number of violations that put truckers out of commission. Brake problems and hours-of-service (HOS) breaches are two common causes of these out-of-service violations. In this post, we'll explore the complex relationship between brakes and HOS and show how knowing about it can assist truckers in following the law both during a roadcheck and afterward.

The Breaking Test

During road check events, brake infractions are consistently at the top of the list. What you need to know is as follows:

Maintenance Is Important

Brake maintenance must be done correctly. On the road, faulty brakes can be disastrous. Maintenance and inspections must be performed on a regular basis.

Systems for air brakes 

If your vehicle has air brakes, make sure the air compressor is operating properly. Defective compressors can lead to brake failure.

Brake alterations

Make sure your brakes are calibrated correctly. Brakes that are too tight or too loose might reduce stopping power and cause infractions.

Headaches related to service hours

Truckers also receive their fair share of out-of-service orders as a result of HOS breaches, mostly linked to driving time violations. What you should remember is as follows:

Maintain Compliance

Make sure you are familiar with the HOS rules and follow them to the letter. Serious infractions may result from exceeding the allowed number of hours spent driving or failing to take the required rests.

ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices)

Make sure your ELDs are tracking your driving hours accurately and properly if you're utilizing them. You could get into trouble for using manipulative or technical methods.

The Relationship

Let's investigate the relationship between brakes and HOS breaches now:

Duration of Repairs

Frequently, unscheduled maintenance and repair pauses are the result of brake problems. These unforeseen delays might reduce the amount of time you have to drive, which raises the risk of HOS violations.

Stress and exhaustion

On the road, dealing with brake issues can be frustrating. Stress can cause exhaustion, which impairs your judgment and ability to make decisions. Exhaustion can then lead to HOS violations.

Maintenance Upkeep

Regular brake maintenance can lessen the need for unplanned repairs that could interfere with your HOS compliance by preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Roadcheck Readiness, conclusion

Although the roadside inspection blitz may only last a short while, it might have a lasting effect on your professional life. You may better prepare yourself for the scrutiny of inspectors during a road check and keep your truck moving smoothly, safely, and within the bounds of the law by knowing the relationship between brake maintenance and HOS compliance. So keep in mind that paying a little additional attention to brakes and service intervals can make a big impact on the road, whether you're in the garage or driving.