Freightliner Electric Trucks: The eCascadia and eM2

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Freightliner Electric Trucks: The eCascadia and eM2

The transition toward sustainable transportation solutions is not merely a fad. It is a necessity for the future of our planet. Freightliner's stellar offerings, eCascadia and eM2, are at the forefront of this electrified transportation revolution. Both vehicles demonstrate Freightliner's commitment to eco-friendly technologies without sacrificing performance or dependability. Let's delve into the specifics of these innovative vehicles.



Description and Objectives:

Freightliner's response to the future of long-haul transportation is the eCascadia. It is an all-electric Class 8 truck designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of over-the-road freight transportation while having a substantial positive impact on the environment.

The benefits are:

Without Emissions

Put an end to carbon footprints. The eCascadia emits no hazardous pollutants during operation.

Operating Cost Savings

With reduced fuel and maintenance costs, electric trucks can provide substantial savings over time.

Quiet Functioning

Reduced noise pollution is an added benefit, making this vehicle suitable for urban deliveries that do not cause disturbances.


  • Class: 8

  • Horsepower: Approximately 730 HP (electric equivalent)

  • Torque: Roughly 2,500 lb-ft (estimated)

  • GVW: Up to 80,000 lbs

Technical Characteristics:

  • Engine: electric powertrain with multiple battery pack options.

  • Transmission: Single-speed integrated transmission



Description and Objectives

As previously mentioned, the eM2 is Freightliner's entry into the segment of medium-duty electric trucks. It is a sustainable solution for local distribution, collection, and delivery operations, allowing businesses to carry out their daily responsibilities in a sustainable manner.

The benefits are

Environmental stewardship

The eM2 emits no greenhouse emissions, thereby reducing a company's environmental impact.


With instantaneous torque and a smooth operating experience, electric trucks such as the eM2 facilitate productive operations.

Ability to adapt

Designed specifically for urban logistics, the eM2 is adept at traversing city streets quietly and without pollution.


  • Class: 6-7

  • Horsepower: 480 HP (electric equivalent)

  • Torque: Approximately 1,800 lb-ft (estimated)

  • GVW: Up to 26,000 lbs

Technical Characteristics:

  • Engine: Fully electric powertrain

  • Transmission: Single-speed with integrated differential

Freightliner is at the vanguard of the electric truck revolution with its eCascadia and eM2 models. These vehicles not only demonstrate the viability of clean transportation but also demonstrate how performance and sustainability can coexist. Whether it's the long-haul prowess of the eCascadia or the urban agility of the eM2, Freightliner's electric offerings are propelling the industry toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.