How Much Oil does a Semi Truck Take?

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How Much Oil does a Semi Truck Take?

Ever drive down the highway and wonder, "How much oil does that beast need?" when you see a massive semi-truck occupying the lane next to you? It's a valid query. The family sedan parked in the driveway is nothing compared to these enormous vehicles on the road. This is a deep dive using a dipstick into the fascinating world of engine oils for semi trucks.


The trucks in Freightliner's lineup are legendary on the pavement, telling tales from coast to coast. But to continue that tale, a typical Freightliner, particularly the Cascadia model, can use anywhere from 10 to 14 gallons of oil, depending on the engine and configuration. That would fill the tank of your car multiple times!


The next time you see a Peterbilt, that iconic bird in flight, remember that the engine, especially in popular models like the 579, is swimming in 11 to 15 gallons of oil under that hood. That's a full-on spa treatment guaranteeing Peterbilt's purr (or rather, roar) down those highways; it's not just a dip and dash.


Kenworth has a thirst commensurate with its status, thanks to its unique aesthetic and formidable reputation. The engine of a model such as the T680 may be consuming 10 to 14 gallons of oil. This liquid gold makes sure Kenworth trucks operate powerfully, smoothly, and for a long time.

International Truck

With their large, global brand, International Trucks also have an enormous appetite for oil. They may need as much as 12 or 16 gallons of oil, depending on the model—like the International 4300. They are able to satisfy their desire to travel the world because of this abundant supply.

Mack Truck

With their recognizable bulldog mascot, Mack Trucks are known for their tenacity. However, bulldogs also require bathing. For example, the Mack MP8 engine may need as much as 10 or 13 gallons of oil. This lubricant bath is what keeps the bulldog biting the road for miles at a time.

Volvo Tractor

Volvo guarantees that its engines are as strong as Norse myths because they come from the land of Vikings. A Volvo tractor with an engine like the D13 will require 10 to 13 gallons of oil to keep up its legendary reputation. This Viking's potion is what ensures Volvo will take over the world's roads.

Give a respectful nod the next time you're standing next to one of these titans at a red light. The gallons of oil that power these machines are just as important to them as their horsepower. Under those enormous hoods is an amazing world that deserves respect, admiration, and a lot of lubrication. Travel safely!