Discover Kenworth T680 truck

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Discover Kenworth T680 truck

The Kenworth T680 represents a landmark achievement in truck design and has been conceived to set new standards in fuel efficiency, comfort, and durability. This model was created to meet the rigorous demands of long-haul trucking and has been adopted widely in various sectors including logistics, distribution, and hauling. The T680 is a versatile workhorse designed to tackle long miles on the highway and is often seen as a home away from home for drivers who spend most of their time on the road.

Kenworth T680 Specs

Base Specifications

The T680 falls into the Class 8 truck category, boasting horsepower ratings that can reach up to 500 hp, with torque specifications peaking at around 1,850 lb-ft. This power allows for heavy-duty hauling capabilities while maintaining reasonable fuel efficiency.

Cab Configuration
Lightweight Options
Standard Features
Optional Features

Advantages for Potential Buyers

The Kenworth T680 offers a blend of efficiency, comfort, and durability. Its aerodynamic design and fuel-efficient engines make it a cost-effective option in the long term. The comfortable cab options with various amenities make life on the road more pleasant for drivers, which can improve retention rates for fleet operators. Safety features and robust construction mean peace of mind for both drivers and operators, knowing that the truck is built to protect its cargo and occupants.

Pricing Policy

The pricing for the Kenworth T680 can vary greatly depending on the configurations, optional features, and the year of manufacture. New models can range significantly in price, often starting in the low six figures and increasing with additional features and customizations. Used models are more affordable, with prices depending on the truck's condition, mileage, and model year. Potential buyers should contact authorized Kenworth dealers for the most accurate pricing.


The Kenworth T680 is not just a vehicle but an investment in a business's operational efficiency. Its telematics and diagnostic capabilities allow for proactive maintenance, reducing downtime. The truck's build quality and strong resale value also contribute to a lower total cost of ownership. Furthermore, Kenworth's extensive dealer network backs the T680, ensuring that drivers and fleet operators have access to support and service wherever they are.