Review Kenworth T680 FCEV truck

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Review Kenworth T680 FCEV truck

The Kenworth T680 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) represents the cutting edge of zero-emission commercial vehicles. Created as a response to the growing need for sustainable transport solutions, the T680 FCEV aims to combine the well-known reliability and efficiency of Kenworth's T680 line with the clean energy of hydrogen fuel cells. This model is designed for long-haul operations that demand heavy-duty performance without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Kenworth T680 FCEV Specs

Base Specifications

As a Class 8 truck, the Kenworth T680 FCEV provides an impressive blend of power and eco-friendliness. The horsepower and torque ratings are configured to be competitive with diesel counterparts, typically ranging in the ballpark of 500 hp and up to 1,650 lb-ft of torque, optimized for zero-emission performance.

Cab Configuration
Lightweight Options
Standard Features
Optional Features

Advantages and Disadvantages


Zero tailpipe emissions contribute to a cleaner environment.

Potential for lower operating costs due to reduced fuel and maintenance expenses.

Quiet and smooth operation improves driver comfort.

Utilizes existing Kenworth T680 platform which is known for reliability and driver satisfaction.


Limited hydrogen refueling infrastructure can be a challenge for long-haul routes.

Initial purchase price is likely higher compared to traditional diesel trucks.

Uncertainty regarding the long-term resale value due to evolving technology.

Pricing Policy

The Kenworth T680 FCEV is a specialized vehicle and pricing can vary based on a range of factors including configuration, optional features, and local incentives for zero-emission vehicles. The cost will generally be higher than traditional diesel trucks reflecting the advanced technology it embodies. Since this is an emerging technology, used vehicles might be rare, and pricing for them would depend on their condition and market demand at the time of sale.


Potential buyers of the T680 FCEV should consider the total cost of ownership, which includes the potential savings on fuel and maintenance over the life of the vehicle. The availability of hydrogen fuel in the operating region is a critical factor, as are any government incentives to offset the initial purchase cost. Kenworth's network can provide support and maintenance, ensuring that FCEV operators have the backing they need to keep their trucks running efficiently.

A Step Towards Sustainability

Transitioning to a Kenworth T680 FCEV is a forward-thinking move for fleets looking to reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for a future where emission regulations are expected to become increasingly stringent. It is a statement of commitment to environmental stewardship without compromising on the performance and reliability that drivers expect from a Kenworth truck. As the infrastructure for hydrogen fuel grows, the Kenworth T680 FCEV is set to become an increasingly practical and sustainable choice for long-haul trucking.