Kenworth W990 Review, Blending Classic Style

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Kenworth W990 Review, Blending Classic Style

A cutting-edge long-hood truck, the Kenworth W990 blends luxury and modern technology with a classic look. To assist prospective purchasers in fully comprehending this model, the following is a thorough review:

Overview of the Kenworth W990

For those looking for a truck that combines traditional styling with contemporary features and technology, Kenworth has the W990. It is intended for drivers who value a long-hood truck's aesthetics and commanding presence without sacrificing comfort or functionality.


Engine and Powertrain
  • Engine: PACCAR MX-13 Engine, 12.9 Liter

  • Horsepower: Ranges from 405 to 510 HP

  • Torque: Between 1,450 and 1,850 lb-ft​​.

Technology and Safety Features
Cab and Interior
Weight and Fuel Efficiency


Price of a New Truck: The listed price of a 2024 Kenworth W990 in USD was $201,500.

Price of a Used Truck: $155,000 was the price of a 2022 model with some mileage. It's crucial to remember that costs can change depending on the location, mileage, and state of the truck.

In summary

For individuals who appreciate traditional truck design but need contemporary features and technology, the Kenworth W990 is a great option. Its powerful engine, cutting-edge safety features, opulent interior, and increased fuel economy make it a serious competitor in the market. Its advanced features and premium status are reflected in its pricing, which makes it an expensive purchase for prospective customers. The truck can comfortably and effectively meet a variety of needs, from heavy hauling to long-haul trucking, thanks to its versatility and range of models.