Review of The PACCAR TX-18, TX-12, and TX-8 transmissions

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Review of The PACCAR TX-18, TX-12, and TX-8 transmissions

The PACCAR TX-18, TX-12, and TX-8 transmissions are notable components in the heavy-duty trucking industry, each designed to meet specific needs and applications. Below is a detailed comparison and review of these transmissions.

PACCAR TX-18 Transmission

  • Features: The TX-18 boasts a high-pressure diecast aluminum casing, a one-piece serviceable input shaft, helical gearing, a precision lubrication system, extreme duty clutch, and an integrated clutch housing. It has an optional transmission cooler for efficient operation under demanding workloads​​.

  • Reverse Gears: It includes three reverse gears, while the TX-18 Pro variant offers six, suitable for pairing with deep axle ratios​​.

  • PTO Functionality: Offers expanded high-capacity PTO functionality, combining an 8-bolt bottom mount and a 4-bolt rear mount, facilitating a combined 160 hp capacity at 1,400 RPM​​.

  • Specs:

    • Horsepower: 510 HP

    • Torque Capacity: 1,850 lb-ft

    • Maximum Operating Weight: 140,000 lbs

    • Unit Weight: 808 lbs (TX-18), 813 lbs (TX-18 Pro)

    • Oil Capacity: 12 liters​​.

  • Additional Features: It includes an internal oil temperature sensor displaying temperatures on a 15-inch in-cab digital display, and it is compatible with Kenworth’s column-mounted, right-hand shifter​​.

  • Applications: Ideal for vocational, heavy-haul, severe service, and high-performance applications, especially in combination with PACCAR MX engines​​​​.

PACCAR TX-12 Transmission

  • Overview: The TX-12 is a predecessor to the TX-18 and is recognized for its capability in heavy-duty applications​​.

  • Weight Advantage: It is the lightest in its class, weighing 105 pounds less than comparable automated transmissions​​.

  • Integration: Designed to work seamlessly with PACCAR MX engines and axles​​.

  • Specs:

    • Torque Capacity: 1,850 ft-lb

    • Maximum Operating Weight: 110,000 lbs​​.

PACCAR TX-8 Transmission

  • Design: The TX-8 is an automatic transmission, known for its efficiency, reliability, and safety features​​.

  • Compatibility: It is optimized for use with the PACCAR PX-7 or PACCAR PX-9 engine, offering a maximum torque rating of up to 1,000 lb.-ft. and a 57,000-lb. GCWR​​.

  • Performance: Offers up to 15% improved acceleration and up to 5% better fuel economy compared to its nearest competitor​​.

  • Warranty: Comes with a 4-year unlimited-mileage warranty​​.

Comparative Analysis

  • Application Suitability:

    • TX-18: Best suited for more demanding, heavy-duty applications.

    • TX-12: A lighter option for heavy-duty applications, preceding the TX-18.

    • TX-8: Ideal for medium-duty applications, balancing efficiency and performance.

  • Performance and Capacity:

    • TX-18 and TX-12 are close in terms of torque capacity, but the TX-18 supports a higher operating weight, making it more suitable for heavier loads.

    • TX-8, while having a lower torque capacity, offers significant improvements in fuel economy and acceleration, tailored for different operational needs.

  • Innovation and Integration:

    • All three transmissions showcase PACCAR’s commitment to integrating with their MX engine series, though each transmission has specific engine compatibilities.

    • The TX-18's advanced features like the precision lubrication system and expanded PTO functionality highlight its role in more challenging environments.

In conclusion, the choice between the PACCAR TX-18, TX-12, and TX-8 transmissions depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the type of load, the nature of the work, and the desired balance between power and efficiency. Each transmission offers distinct advantages, making them suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucking needs.