What companies manufacture the trailer for a truck - Top 25

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What companies manufacture the trailer for a truck - Top 25

The trucking industry is the most important part of modern transportation, and the trailer is the most important part of this industry. These workhorses are often taken for granted, but they are important for moving things across the country and beyond. But have you ever thought about the companies that make these important tools of the trade? In this piece, we'll look more closely at the top 25 trailer builders and manufacturers who are shaping the future of truck trailers.

1. Wabash National Corporation:

Since 1985, Wabash National has been a leader in making trailers. Because of their unique styles and commitment to sustainability, they are at the top of their field.

2. Great Dane:

Great Dane has been making trailers for more than a century, and its trailers are known for being strong and useful in a wide range of businesses.

3. Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company:

Utility Trailer has been around for a long time and is known for making high-quality dry van trailers that are used in many different industries.

4. Hyundai Translead:

Hyundai Translead is known for making high-quality dry van trailers and refrigerated van trailers that set the standard for the business.

5. Stoughton Trailers:

Stoughton Trailers is known for making stable and long-lasting trailers, like dry vans and grain haulers, that meet a wide range of transportation needs.

6. Vanguard National Trailer Corporation:

Vanguard National is great at making both dry van trailers and refrigerated van trailers. They come up with new ideas and have great customer service.

7. East Manufacturing Corporation:

East Manufacturing is well-known for producing aluminum flatbed trucks that are reliable and practical.

8. Fontaine Trailer Company:

Fontaine Trailer is an expert in both flatbed and drop deck trailers, and it always gives the transportation business top-notch products.

9. Manac Inc.:

Manac is a Canadian company that is known for its wide range of specialized trucks that can be used for many different kinds of transport.

10. MAC Trailer:

MAC Trailer is one of the best companies that makes dump, flatbed, and transfer trailers. These trailers are used in the building and farming industries and are built to last.

11. Pitts Trailers:

Pitts Trailers is known for making heavy-duty trailers for forestry and building that can handle rough environments.

12. Reitnouer, Inc.:

Reitnouer is well-known for making flatbed trailers made of lightweight metal that are durable and use less gas.

13. Heil Trailer International:

Heil Trailer focuses on making safe, high-quality tank trailers for both liquid and dry bulk purposes.

14. Talbert Manufacturing:

When it comes to heavy-haul trailers, Talbert Manufacturing is a trusted name. They offer unique solutions for oversized and unusual cargo.

15. Timpte, Inc.:

Timpte is the top company that makes bulk commodity trucks. Its grain trailers are especially well-known.

16. Transcraft Corporation:

Transcraft Corporation specializes in flatbed trailers and is known for making unique solutions to meet the needs of different industries.

17. Wilson Trailer Company:

Wilson Trailer Company is a well-known name in the livestock and grain trailer business. They offer reliable ways for farmers to move their goods.

18. Travis Body & Trailer, Inc.:

Travis Body & Trailer specializes in aluminum end dump trailers for the construction and hauling businesses.

19. Clement Industries:

Clement Industries is a well-known company that makes dump and building trailers that are strong and last a long time.

20. Doonan Specialized Trailer, LLC:

Doonan specializes in making heavy-duty, custom flatbed and drop deck trucks that are made to fit difficult loads.

21. Trail King Industries, Inc.:

Trail King Industries is a leader in making a wide range of trailers for construction, agriculture, and specialty transport.

22. XL Specialized Trailers, Inc.:

XL Specialized Trailers is one of the best places to get heavy-haul trailers that can be made to fit any load.

23. Ranco Trailers:

Ranco Trailers does a great job of making trailers with belly dumps and side dumps for construction and aggregate businesses.

24. Manac Western:

Manac Western is a part of Manac Inc. that makes flatbeds, drop decks, and lowbeds out of steel and aluminum.

25. Globe Trailers:

Globe Trailers is the top company that makes specialized lowboy trailers and comes up with new ways to move big equipment.

These 25 trailer builders and manufacturers are at the top of the trucking business when it comes to innovation, quality, and dependability. Their commitment to making high-quality trailers keeps things moving smoothly across the country, which keeps our economy going.